Trust Us to Fix Your Motors and Pumps

Get electric motor repairs in Billings, MT

If your motor or pump isn't working properly, you need a professional technician to take a look at it. Jim's Electric Service handles electric motor and irrigation pump repair in Billings, MT.

We're able to troubleshoot the problem you're having and make recommendations for repairs. What we offer:

  • Complete motor and pump recondition and/or rewind repairs
  • Full motor and pump sales
  • On and off site balancing
  • We are a U.L certified facility

We can recondition or rewind motors to clean them and repair the bearings. We also provide on-site motor balancing. Contact Jim's Electric Service today to schedule an appointment for electric motor repair in Billings, Montana.

Our machine shop can manufacture what you need

If you require a new part, contact our CNC machine shop. We'll fabricate any part from metal, aluminum or plastic. We'll follow your specifications to meet your machining needs exactly. Visit our machine shop in Billings, MT today to discuss your needs with an expert.

We have the experience you're searching for

Jim's Electric Service started in 1955 in Jim's garage. His shop is located in Billings, Montana and serves the North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana areas. We're certified members of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc. (EASA).

Call 406-245-5683 today for a machine shop that handles electric motor repairs in Billings, MT.

Baldor approved distributor and Warranty Facility

Baldor approved distributor and Warranty Facility